Technical Fields

We counsel clients on intellectual property matters in many technical fields, including:

• Life sciences and chemistry, including engineered organisms and proteins, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biological and chemical processes, and biomedical devices

• Software, communications, including wireless telecommunications, radar, optical

• All areas of electronics and computer technology, including hardware, software, multi-media products, networks, and magnetic and optical storage devices

• Electrical apparatus, including motors, generators, power supplies, power transmission, and magnetic sensors

• Optics, photonics, lasers, holography, image processing, and photogrammetry

• Solid state physics and materials sciences including semiconductor materials, nanotechnology, thin film technology, atomic layer deposition, and conductive polymer fibers and films

• Environmental technologies, including solar cells, wind power generation, fuel cells, and water purification

• Mechanical apparatus, including medical devices, sports and recreational products, hydraulics, fluid flow measurement and vacuum devices, and industrial and agricultural machinery

• Agricultural and horticultural patents, plant patents, trait patents, plant biotechnology, foreign Plant Breeders Rights, Plant Variety Protection, Community Plant Variety Rights, seed labeling, biofuels, and neutraceuticals.

Patent Law Technical Fields