Patent Procedures

Patent Procedures
Presented by
William W. Cochran

 Purpose & Objectives

  1. Develop and maintain strong portfolio of patents
  2. Provide systematic way to handle inventions
  3. Provide guidelines for avoiding infringement of others patents

Intellectual Property Committee

  1. Term of Employees
  2. Review Invention Disclosures
  3. Recommend Course of Action
  4. Make Strategic Decisions on IP
  5. Information Needed by IP Committee
  6. Members of Committee
  7. Meetings

 Patent Coordination

  1. Single Person – primary contact
  2. Oversees function of committee
  3. Primary contact for outside counsel
  4. Sets up IP meetings
  5. Final Decision maker on IP issues

 Invention Disclosure Forms

  1. Complete – 15 minutes to ½ hour
  2. Send to Patent Coordinator
  3. Reference code listings, Inventors notebooks, other documentation & attach copies
  4. Make Invention Disclosure From available on company intranet
  5. Have witnessed
  6. List prior art known by inventor, public uses, sales, etc.
  7. List NDA’s that relate to invention
  8. Include a drawings or flow chart
  9. IP Coordinator should scan the form when received to determine if any pending statutory bars exist

 IP Committee Meeting

  1. Item for review
  2. Timing – As needed
  3. Review of newly issued patents
  4. Product Marking Decisions

  Review Invention Disclosure Forms

  1. Search and file – if prior art not found
  2. File
  3. Keep as a Trade Secret
  4. Deferral
  5. Inactive
  6. Foreign Filing
  7. Assign to IP attorney for filing

Patent Proceedures Power Point Presintation